Drug-free, non-invasive products that support and enhance Sports and Fine Motor Skills Development

Happy Hands

Happy Hands are a simple, comfortable and cost-effective Learning aids that are designed to make the learning of fine writing,  fine music and sporting skills easier, faster and less demanding for children, parents and teachers.

Shipping in DL sized tri-fold colour protective Folder, with instructions for use.
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Happy Hands are a simple, comfortable and cost-effective Learning aids that that make the learning of Fine Writing, Fine Motor, Fine Music and sporting Skills easier, faster and less demanding for children, parents and teachers.  Not all hands work the same, some cannot write very well, some struggle to control the pencil and some can pick up tiny beads with precision, while others send them scattering across the table. How quickly and easily a child picks up Fine Motor Skills is heavily influenced by their awareness of the location and movement of their body parts, a process referred to as Proprioceptive Awareness. Proprioceptive information is produced by special sensory organs called proprioceptors, located in and around the joints of the body, hands and fingers.
Happy Hands Proprioceptive Skills Trainers amplify the flow to Sensory information between their fingers and their
mind, resulting in the more rapid learning of all forms of Fine Motor Skills.

How To measure Hand

If you are right handed, please measure your Right Hand length.
If you are Left Handed, Please measure your Left Hand.

Application and Instruction

Enhanced Proprioceptive Hand and Wrist Brain Trainers are designed to recruit and stimulate intrinsic skin stretch detecting receptors, located in the skin over your joints. They function by enhancing the potential information flow to the brain about the location, movement, tension and resistance your joints are experiencing. This information is referred to as Proprioceptive Sensory

Feedback, and is required by the brain in order to plan and execute smooth and coordinated movements.


The skin must be clean, dry and free from any creams or lotions that may interfere with the Adhesive. They must not be applied to broken, damaged or inflamed skin nor over any open wound.

They are for use only on healthy, intact and unbroken skin.

Application to the Hand

The hand should be in a relaxed state and gently resting on a suitable surface. It is essential that Enhanced Proprioceptive Hand and Wrist Brain Trainers are applied to the hand without additional tension or stretching. Trainers are especially engineered to have similar elasticity characteristics to normal healthy skin, so they can accurately translate the movements of the fingers, hand and wrist into enhanced proprioceptive sensory feedback to the brain.

Peel off one of the Brain Trainers. Loosely drape it along the length of your finger, starting at the knuckle (MCP or metacarpophalangeal Joint), passing over the finger’s middle joint (PIP or Proximal Interphalangeal joint) and ending at the final joint of the finger just before the finger nail. (DIP or Distal Interphalangeal joint)

Once all five finger Trainers and the wrist trainer are in place, firmly rub them down along their entire length to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive.

Personalising the Tensioning of your Trainers.

If you find the Trainers feel too restrictive or uncomfortable, you can adjust the tension easily and quickly by slowly and gently closing the hand to form a fist. This will stretch the Trainers and reset the tension to better suit your hand’s size and range of motion. Firmly Rub the Trainers down a second time to lock-in your personalised stretch level.

TIP #1 : If you find the Trainers are still too restrictive you can reset the stretch again, by squeezing your hand into a tighter closed fist, holding that position for 5 to 10 seconds. The Trainers will be re-tensioned.

Tip#2: Trainers can be re-positioned with care. To relocate, peeling off one end of the Trainer and reset it to the desired position. Repeat on the opposite end if necessary. Rub the Trainers down a second time to activate the adhesive once again to lock in the new setting.

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