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Unlocking the power of proprioceptive learning to boost body awareness, movement control, and hand-eye coordination, helping children reach developmental milestones and improving fine motor skills. 
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Stay informed about the latest research in motor skills psychology.
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Enhancing children's fine writing, fine motor skills and their early developmental milestones.
Actively supporting the development of precise finger and hand control.
Increasing sensory feedback for enhanced motor skill proficiency across all age groups.
Enhancing motor performance in music, sport, and other motor skills.

The role of enhanced proprioceptive motor skills trainers

When low levels of natural Proprioceptive awareness make the acquisition, refinement and rehabilitation of fine motor, fine music and sporting motor skills challenging, then enhanced proprioceptive motor skill trainers can make a significant difference.

The trainers are designed to stimulate proprioceptive sensory feedback from proprioceptors located in and around the joints of the body in response to our physical movements. The increase in the amount of sensory feedback and the fidelity of proprioceptive information provided, increases the strength of motor memories learning and reduces the amount of practice required to consolidate a motor skills.
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Enhanced Proprioceptive Skills Trainers

Enhanced Proprioceptive Motor Skills Trainers are designed to be used during the acquisition, refinement and practice of a fine motor skill. They are most beneficial in the early stages of skills acquisition and may reduce the amount of time, practice and rehearsal required to consolidate a long lasting and stabling motor skill.

Happy Hands

Happy Hands are special sensory trainers, that provide enhanced proprioceptive sensory feedback, that may improves handwriting, dexterity, and coordination. Potentially beneficial for neurodiverse children and those with sensory integration issues through stimulate neuroplastic neural network remodelling.

Instrument Trainers

Music Skills Trainers are designed to create a strong sense of the position and arrangement of fingers position when learning to play stringed, wind, and keyboard instruments. This resulting strong memory requires less effort and practice whierl learning a new instruments.

E-sport Trainers

E-sports Trainers were specifically developed to assist Gamers to convert the physical actions involved in keyboard and controller manipulations into effortless and autonomous fine motor skills that automatically execute without conscious thought or effort. This fees the conscious mind to focus on strategy, communication, tactics and competitor tracking.
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Enhanced Proprioceptive E-Sport Trainers

These neuroscience-based trainers may improve finger and hand proprioception, boosting speed, coordination, control, and effortless execution. Beyond enhancing dexterity, they also improve overall gameplay and reduce overuse injuries.
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Happy Hands

Happy Hands are a simple, comfortable and cost-effective Learning aids that are designed to make the learning of fine writing,  fine music and sporting skills easier, faster and less demanding for children, parents and teachers.
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Fine Music Motor Skills Trainers

Proprioceptive enhanced Fine Music Motor Skills Trainers are a breakthrough innovation in neuroscience that help both children and adults to memorise the intricate positions and movements of their hands and fingers while learning to play a musical instrument.
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Why do most of us need motor skills trainers?

Stay informed about the latest research in psychology.
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Limited Proprioceptive Awareness

Most people have relatively poor proprioceptive awareness due to their reliance on their visual sense. We typically rely on our vision to locate our fingers, hands, or objects, hindering fine motor skill development. Proprioceptive Skills Trainers help to re-establish the proprioceptive sensory feedback nessesary to create fine motor skills by providing essential coordinate information to the motor learning centres of the mind.

Early Development Impact

Proprioceptive awareness forms in our infancy as part of our fundamental and developments in fine motor skills learning . The extend and strength of the neural networks forged during this phase of developments will greatly influence our proprioceptive awareness level in later life.

Skill Acquisition Challenges

Low proprioceptive awareness in our childhood hinders precise movement skills and the development of fine motor skills that act as building blocks for new skills such as playing musical instruments, touch typing and other autonomous motor skills. Training may enhance proprioceptive feedback that allow for these skills to be formed as long term motor memories..

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